Hello world!

February 10, 2015

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Fire Company. Please contact us at info@rmfc-usa.com or call at 406-239-2484 to arrange inspection of equipment, verification of personnel qualifications or inquire about our wildland fire training program. Also, if you have information to share we can do that.

Some news notes:

Region 6 (OR and WA)implemented an equipment inspection and firefighter qualification verification process. We have been selected to be one of 7 MOU holders to inspect and verify in R-6. We had a meeting with the R-6 contract crew in Portland to review this year’s plan.

The 2016 solicitations for water handling equipment from Region 1 and Region 6 should be available about Feb 15, 2016 There will be pre-meetings in Region 1. Inspections are open in Region 1 now. Region 6 will not start untill

Feb 15. We are scheduling inspections now.

We have substantially revised our RT-130 refresher  course for in 2016, expanding the entrapment avoidance and safety sections. We are updating our program for 2016 with a new incident. Be prepared for a 7 hour day!

Our FFT2 Training with an additional day for hose lays and engine operations is going well. Our Engine Bosses were pleased with the additional skill sets that new FFT2 folks had on assignment in 2014 and 2015. Thank you Grant Creek Inn for allowing us to make Initial Attack Lays in the hall again in 2016!

We are changed out the hose load in our type 3 engines to be better equipped for initial attack, direct attack and point protection. Hose bed includes 1 each 1 1/2″  x 200′ triple fold lay with 3/8″ tips and  A 4-pack combination 1,000′ progressive lay. This worked very well in the 2014 fire season – Washington, Oregon, and California.  We also used up a case of wax to shine like bling alongside the California agency trucks.  It pays to look good.

This year we are adding Apple I-Pad Minnie II to each truck to improve data communications, GPS, and photos. We think the future is here now.

There was an issue with several folks last season. If there were no NFPA stickers in Hard Hats…Forest Service Inspectors were rejecting the hat regardless of the service ability of the hat, and that the hat was one of the 3 approved hats. Bullard makes the 911c  wide brim and the 911h cap 5100 cap. . We have been in touch with Bullard to find out why their stickers do not hold up for the useful life of the hat. We ordered 30 new hats this year and they all showed up with good stickers!  We will add clear packing tap to ensure stick.

Rumor has it we will be required to have new chainsaw chaps. Make sure chaps you buy are UL , FS specification and NFPA 1977 approved. There must be a lable sewn on the chap stating this od they do not meet specifications. cost may run from  $175 to 200.00 per pair.


Montana is forecast as the drought center in the west for 2016. El Nino is doing well, strongest on record. It may have peaked. We may be in a neutral  position by June. Above normal moisture in July and August? keep watch.

More to follow. Be safe!.